Exam Results are back!


There is no moment with more tension that when results from the previous semester are out. It’s very scary Atleast for me.  Recall my blog post last semester entitled University results are back, and how I didn’t excel and how I was promising myself that I was going to excel in that semester. Well I DIDNT excel. Infact I didn’t pass. After all that reading 😨😨😨. The moment I read my results I got stuck in thoughts. I almost LOST it. I just couldnt believe that those were my results. How??! They were so terrible. Even when I found out that the class generally failed, it didn’t console me. I felt like my energy had gone to waste.

I asked myself so many questions. Is this course for me? Are my dreaming? 😫😫 is this real? What happened? University got REAL for me at that moment. It was just so sad. I just didn’t know how I was going to explain to my parents about the results. Would they believe that I read last semester? I really did read :(:(:(:(.

I had to tell them. I had to share them with my parents. I respect them so much. After telling them, the message I got was so inspiring. I felt so blessed and I have to thank my mum for that.


I have got to learn a lot in this situation and in that message.
Lesson:  when you fall just get back up and keep moving forward

I am now seeing life in a different perspective. I guess I had to go through this so that I could learn that life isn’t a straight. And not in a cliche kind of way. You won’t always get what you want, yes! It SUCKS but you can always keep trying to get what you want. Life is too short to give up. I now think that I’m in a better state of mind. It’s not been an easy past few days though.

Till next blog,
Derrick Muheki.

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3 thoughts on “Exam Results are back!

  1. Three cheers to your mum, inspiriting stuff!! We only fail when we quit, but as long as we live -it’s always a peerless oppourtinty to get back in the ring and shoot with a better strategy and new changes! We only lose when we give up, failure is not fatal!! Victory with no temporary defeat is not sweet enough!! Thanks a bunch for the dispatch, screw your courage in your peerless stint ahead!! Make it worthwhile, devout regards!! GBU!!😀😀!!

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