Betrayed concept.

Hey there, its been quite a while. Not to worry, i have this new amazing blog post for you from a guest blogger, My Roommate at College, who is such a great writer. I’ve given him a chance to break a leg on this blog.  Check it out below;

Set yourself aloof of the hilarious bandwagon, welcome stick from friends with relish, make amendments with your torn heart, discover a fine faced composure, search for solitude and pursue the old boredom that amassed your heart in the toddler days as mummy traveled away from home. A hot beverage can go in handy. Parcels of brighter days littered with disguised happiness and spotlight bubbles, yet again linger before you. Sight on such life changing experiences as coined by a not so familiar blogger to you, disillusioned yet not broken, overwhelmed yet still capable of amazing stuff, you will find solace, pride and consolation, for your setbacks are far from the term big and your predicaments must be overrated to yourself in naivety and unworthy ignorance.

Experiences and escapades have proven to turn many into saints and ‘roses’ yet still on the other hand a number of us have earned ourselves positions in the hierarchy of the wolf family with assurance of non-hard earned promotion in the near future, you must be imagining, oh dear! how cold that got, yes please do because the devils live among us, we are not sure of the fact that, it’s not only in Hell that we need to snatch a glance of such evil affiliated characters, this can happen in close proximity. We rebuke such though, don’t we all? But one thing is assured to all; issues concerning the latter are more dramatic, fun and appealing to our ears. That is the more reason that has compelled me to ditch and let the saints and angels worship His Majesty with the metallic smell of incense as they adorn with gospel souls in staccato voices, because of their good works, they surely deserve to rest, don’t they?

The bitter question we all coy away from is; where do I belong? Well, let us dig deep with faith as we hope to unveil the answer for a scenario I overheard notoriously. A times we underestimate our steps, those that we really expect to bail us out of whichever prisons we are rotting from, it never dons on us that what we are headed for is more than a mere mountain until we stumble in the caves of our self-confidence, until our skins burn with a sensation that only us know about, we do not heed, we so dearly love the mess that hits us thereafter and we can go extra miles to contend such ventures. An innocent friend of mine, hit by love, which I think its underrated and admiral convictions walks down a similar path, as if ignorant about a village belle’s status, springs out of shame, hurt and selfishness with an unsurpassed prowess in intimacy, reveals his conjugal manifesto to his best friend’s girlfriend, unamused by this beauty, the ‘lion’ saw its trials crippled as yet he launched more and more unconvincing love temptations.  I have not heard of resilience and tenacity to surpass his, he was destined for glory, he thought, indeed this was threatened by nothing in the caliber of worldly things, from wealth to body and knowledge.

Time paced time, market days came and vanished, autumn disappeared in thin air as winter drew closer yet one thing stayed constant and consistent amidst all this turmoil stricken atmosphere, they call it hope. Calamity befell the white clothed wolf as the best friend, out of shear anxiety, burst his bubble before him, only I can testify to the melee that transcended. Times got hard, tension built gradually since then, interactions got even nastier, trials of appeasement were futile, the guilt accumulated day in day out, it chocked him a few moments and finally the candle of hope burnt out.

Losing a couple of friends is one thing, hurting due to guilt is another, it’s not overnight that you heal, and the wounds remain fresh, hurt with a piercing pain, the melancholy just can’t get any worse, as you yearn for the platelets to catalyze scar formation, your zeal for a new feeling will run out sooner than you know it. Dominion in your world will belong to despair, vanity, misery and ignominy. Worry not, we all fall prey to convictions and we are tasked with taking a stand, we can’t always be perfect, good people make wrong decisions, we sometimes  get judged by the public because we disappoint our virtues but that doesn’t have to bring crucifixion to us. Guilt will hit us a few moments, we get numb  and we need to live with it if we have no choice, only time tells the story, as you get lost in a flashback series of what used to hurt. One thing is on record, you will be happier again. With that still, the sentence is yours my dear readers.

Hope you liked it,

Till next blog,

Derrick Muheki.



  1. Sterling piece, erudite vocabulary, good research, insightfully written! Indirectly portrays the message of ” you laid your bed, so lie in it”, but there’s hope even after a down fall! What matters is getting back up every time we fall!! This is a timely message for my cohorts writing their exams at campus! Three cheers for the indite!! GBU!!😀😀!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I had to come check this out … and .. I was like .. 😩😱 .. I had no Idea you could write …such ….. refined poetry .. but yes … I did like it 😊


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