My first three weeks

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🙋 the freshers
🙋the new hostel life
🙋the new brand of expensive girls of campus

….Of this semester have just been a whole new life for me. With being in a new hostel, new roommate, new people that I have met, and entirely a new environment it’s been a change. A good one Atleast. Though meeting new people is never easy. You kind of feel wierd when you think of what your first impression to people is. You don’t want to over do it or even look goofy. It’ll be long till they get to know you. But one thing I have done is kept calm and not shown extremely friendliness🙊. That kind of draws people to conclude that you are calm even when you aren’t. I am also TIRED of saying hey am…. Nice meeting you like twenty times a day. I mean it’s good to meet people but yet also hopeless to meet so many and yet you have a problem with remembering names 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆. I should be ashamed🙈🙈 but I ain’t. Also meeting people whose faces you’ll barely remember after the introduction cause of the numbers that you’ll have met that day too. It’s a hard world out here. Hehehe.

Engineering classes on the other hand just keep getting harder. It’s only my second year but I have so much work overload and so many lectures. My life has been practically evolving around waking up early,  taking the shuttle to campus and back to my hostel which I have started ditching too for the reading room due to this work overload.

I have been OUT once , and I have a story of what happened below in the blog,  in these three weeks. I suddenly feel like my love for going out has shifted spheres. I am not the kind that wants to go out late anymore. I now want to go out early and have a few drinks with my friends and be back by 11pm latest🙈🙈🙈. It seems odd but I definitely would find more comfort even with just an imagination of what it would be like. I think I have grown.

THE freshers are HILLARIOUS… why didn’t I start with this… Eh. First day of their semester I saw some heading to campus with counter books 📚 and the big ones moreover. Like who studies in the first week of university?!  Hmm smh. 🙆🙆. And thats not all. So some day I see four guys all in shorts and supras and with caps on their heads all moving in a line. 😂😂😂😂lol. This fresher confusion has come to this. Wonder what they thought people in campus wear on a daily.

And as for the guys on the look for fresher girls, it’s a hard world outta here. The last time I went out I was asked for DRINKS by those freshers. And Oba was like lol. I wasnt even hitting on them. I was relaxed and chill and they came to me MBu we want drinks…. Lol… Hopelessness. I just left them there stranded.

It’s just been a new life for me. But I’ll be fine. Just keep up with all new blog posts here. Click the follow button below or bookmark.



Missed you lots,
Till next blog,
Derrick Muheki

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