Tribute to my God-father.

Dear Uncle Milton Goddie Tumutegyereize,


You were my friend, my God father, my uncle, and so much to me, more than I can explain in words. You were always jolly. You were always cracking jokes like how every one was a mukiga in some way. You were very friendly. You were very important in society.
You were the definition of a Father. For sure when I heard the speeches from your family at the pulpit about their life with you, I saw that you had a great impact.
I sat there in the church service and I saw how many people attended your funeral. It was amazing how connected you were. You were the best thing that had happened to so many people. 
It gave me joy that all those people had come to wish you farewell.
I am very very lucky to have had you as my God-father. For sure words cannot explain how I felt about you.
You will always stay in my heart. I promise. And so will your family.

I will try to my best ability to keep your virtues and practice them.

May your Soul rest in Eternal Peace,

Your God-son,
Derrick Muheki.

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