University tests 📝finally Done!

The reading, the discussing, the handouts And all those things we “Apparently ” came to university for had all been brought around by the tests that were back-to-back. It was a bloody like three weeks. I even didn’t get time to blog. Was there even activity worth blogging.😓😱:twisted: It was all reading for most of my time. But thankfully the tests are so done. I now yearn to spend time with my social activities, go out:roll:😜, watch some tv, And chill. Not forgetting that exams are in two weeks but finally getting some rest that I have EARNED. you have to agree with me there are those times when we feel like we have earned a vacation. And without worrying about what lies ahead, we finally RELAX😪😪.
So This is my blog topic today: Never Panic in a test. Two weeks back I had those test where I totally panicked! It was terrible. I was shivering….kept throwing my pen….kept skipping questions for the fear of not being able to answer them. To cut the long story  short, The RESULTS came back And I had FAILED. I wasnt the worst in the class though….I had like half the class behind me 😒😒 but that is Not a consolation! So I talked to my mum :)about it And she told me to always keep CALM. Great advice right? The next test came And I calmed down And PASSED it. ;);)
With my time so far I have caught #OrangeIsTheNewBLack, really nice tv series…but I will SURELY have stories to tell you when I go out this week. I promise. I Am going to be on the WATCH 👀.
Hope You’ve been good ;). Don’t forget to keep scrolling down to check out my latest tweets, other blogposts And my instagram.

Till next blog,
Derrick Muheki.

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