What Next After University πŸ˜¦πŸ˜±?

Where have I been for the past three Blog Mondays, you ask? Well, so much has been going on in my post-university life, like the title to this post says my full university results were finally posted hence I’ve practically been out wining and dining with my family and not to mention its been quite the excuse to go out and have a good time with my friends. I mean lets face it, University is hard and once you’ve passed you need to celebrate even if it means every Friday evening the entire summer. Well That’s not all I’ve been up to, I also started graduate training at a Civil-Engineering Firm, amazing right!

The big question

So What NEXT? Now that college is over, what next? I’ve literally been asking myself this question since MAY 18th. Its such a weird feeling having no aligned direction out for you. Literally from now on, my former yearmates and I have thousands of possibilities and directions in which our lives could end up. And YES!, It’s as scary as it sounds.

Why I started this blog

I began this blog in my first year at college as an online diary to share my experiences at the university and all the content here was about those fun moments that MASHED ME UP and also a few sad moments I went through. Four years later, college is done and this blog has so many possibilities in terms of the topics and contents it can focus on for you amazing. I’m beyond grateful. And honestly I don’t where that is but for now I’ll live in the moment and FREE STYLE my content to share with you all the different emotions after college life.

Seconds after leaving university

I have to admit that leaving my hostel room with all my luggage was one of my saddest moments. It was so surreal that I was leaving college. While I carried my luggage from my room to the car I kept remembering all the good times I had in there. All the times we laughed so hard. All the new friends I made. All the abrupt Shenanigans. All the drinks that got poured on my carpet by some high people, it was always a GOOD TIME. I literally did a sad snapchat with the room empty and the door finally closing. I’ve been told that can be dramatic at times πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…. Looking back I don’t regret any moment at the university. It was always a read hard and party hard balance. Its officially now time for me to start a new chapter in my life and on this blog too.

What’s before the “NEXT” so far

Well for starters, I am beyond relaxed! this post-university time. I’ve never really been this relaxed and un-worried about anything. Recalling my s6 vacation, I was relaxed but still had that thought of results are coming back and then it’ll be time to start applying for universities. In this moment, I’m not really waiting for anything. I have this HUGE excuse in my mind that it’s still SUMMER TIME so why worry. I recently began reading this book β€˜AFTER UNIVERSITY, WHAT NEXT?’ and while it might have been a bit boring at the start its progressing well. It’s enlightening me at a few points and re-echoing a few sayings that I’ve read before. Anyway I’ll probably do the BOOK review once I’m done with it. Back to the point, I’m relaxed, happy and living my best life. I have continued working out, the gym is always a nice way to end the boring afternoon, plus i’m getting into better shape than ever. I am also currently BROKE hahaha .I wish I knew how broke this life can get after weekly upkeep at college, I’d have probably saved more. Literally the lifestyle I was accustomed to living is now so expensive. But oh well! I’ll be still glad to continue sharing with you the rest of my experiences post-university. Keep up the amazing views and comments.

Blog Mondays is officially back till August 13th and I have one of my closest friends guest-blogging next.

See you Monday,

Derrick Muheki

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