A Poem To My Crush

From that moment I glanced at the window,

Not quite knowing why my eyes noticed your dazzling shadow,

Wondering why my neck turned without my head’s permission,

Your presence was like a potent infusion,

Had me intoxicated in a illusion.

I was dazed,crazed.. ..simply amazed.

I had to get to know you.

On weak knees and a shivering tongue,

I approached you.

But staggering not to reach you so near.

Trying to remember only the words you would love to hear,

My mouth full yet shut with fear.

But when you turned back towards me,

Your face ablaze with a rainbow of hues

Between Hey or Hi I didn’t know of which to choose

My face confused

but you look somewhat amused

I heave at best a tattered hello

Your friends yell to you, it’s time that you go

And after you leave

And am left to grieve

There are a few things I wish I could make you believe,


What is breath if not a sigh at your beauty.

What is the sunset if not the sun blushing at the sight of you(thy sight)

What is sight if not an excuse to see you

What is life without you if not an ocean with no water.

What is me if not We upside down!

…written by Lasto Musoke.

Till next Monday,

Derrick Muheki.

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