Halloween 🎃 Special

Perfection is the Ultimate goal! It’s almost impossible to attain but well if we keep striving for it we might just end up quite close to it which is fine if you ask me. One of the main things that I’ve learnt since I started going to the gym is that all it takes to begin a journey to a goal is enduring that first pain and staying consistent in the changing process until it turns the pain into sweetness and gains. Everyday is an opportunity to do something to get close to our personal goals. It’s a chance to do something that you’ll be grateful you had started on a year later. We all know what we want in life and what’s even more real is the way we picture ourselves in the future whether the near one or far. What’s even better is that we have this way that we imagine the happiness and fulfillment we’ll get once we attain our goals. That should definitely get us a head start on starting the journeys we have possibly been postponing. The hard truth is there is still a lot of hard work and determination needed after those imaginations to even get a little closer to our goals. I don’t think I am the best at achieving my goals and that’s why I’m telling you about it. No! I’m also trying to achieve the ultimate goal.

This Halloween I choose to celebrate the death of one thing. Sure Halloween is not big in my country and hell we don’t even know why it’s exactly celebrated but one thing I know is that every event is an easier opportunity to refresh and start something new. It’s easier that way to remember ,a year later on, the day when you started a certain project towards your goals. So this Halloween 🎃 I shall celebrate the death to the sluggishness that I have been portraying towards starting on some of my goals for a long time.

I hope that what I’m feeling in this blog post can have something of relation to you. And if you want to celebrate this Halloween in the same way I am this year, bring it on! 🎉🎉🎉. It’s been a long time since I had blogged but well this a return post of many more posts. Thanks for reading. Keep sharing it!

Happy Halloween 💀

till the next blog,

Derrick Muheki

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