What’s the true meaning of happiness? Is it having everything you want or is it being grateful for what you have. In my opinion, I choose the latter. Overtime I have realized that what you have doesn’t automatically grant you happiness because truth be told you can never get satisfied. There will always be something better and something to look forward to getting. True happiness comes when you are extremely grateful for what you have. When you’re in the moment. When you chose to enjoy every tini-tiny thing. Last week I was part of a team doing road tests as an activity assigned by my internship workplace and along the road, at an extremely rural area, I saw these kids having fun in such an area. Not even caring about what they had or even what they were wearing, cause frankly they weren’t wearing nice clothes. They looked that they weren’t even bothered about the latest episode of the hit cartoon show like some of us were at that age. Hell, they could care less of electricity was there or not. They looked so chill that I took a picture of them which I’m going to share with you below.

They gazed at the roads and the cars on it like it was some spectacle. I was amazed. Opposite the road other three kids, in this extremely rural area, were sharing a sugarcane. It was amazing! But this was probably all because they hadn’t been exposed to this extremely worldy world. When the feeling of need and want starts peeping in their brains then will their definition of happiness change. Some kid else where in an urban area is probably glued to nickelodeon and rating it as his happiest day of his life. It’s really something when you think about it! We can’t rate our happiness since it’s a feeling. All we can do is just be happy with whatever the universe has provided not forgetting our big dreams though! Our dreams should feel like reality. We shouldn’t feel bad that we don’t have what we want yet, we should hope to get what we want and believe that we will! but not constantly think about our wants and needs. Our moment is now and we should live in it and enjoy. Life is just a big ball of memories. Like Joanna Coles says, We dream big and live even bigger!! 


Derrick Muheki

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