Days of lamentations…


Hey there! It’s #BlogMondays ! as promised and I have an new exclusive post written by a guest blogger, Desmond, a great friend of mine, who goes on to describe his internship experience so far. Read onπŸ˜‰;

Days of lamentations
… Yes, I have seen ill-fated days, days that breed voids in my heart, days where tales of happiness are a far cry, adamant on how I feel and how I have felt, one thing is beyond doubt, these days are not similar to those I have seen before, different identity, devastating moments, they do not shine light onto any plans, they are days of darkness. To say that the worst days of my life embrace different sentiments would be an absolute lie in broad daylight but these days are of even worse connotations. My soul knows no loyalty anymore, my mind harbours mysterious rhetory, yet still my offsprings are identical to a pattern of agonizing thoughts bearing both nostalgic and underwhelming moods. To speak well of internship is to take carhoots or sides with the devil itself,I can’t tell you that I hold amusing fairly tales about it either but what I spit is bitterness and venom to it.
The biting cold weather has never been this worse yet still I have to succumb to the calling of my unbothered alarm clock, straight up into the shower room. That water is capable of running your body numb for the entire year, I can bet on that. I have a confession to spill before I execute bad. I may not show up on the next couple of shower room presentations. Then there comes an even wore experience, the melee downtown, you just can’t stand it, having to beat it day in, day out, you have to develop measures not even rocket science can preach. You have to be at your office desk or at the site before the firm’s ‘guru’, and the measures will be worth it. I am still not over that sales man who hit my rib cage with a crate of beers the other day, the grudge I will not keep, mummy brought me up well but the story, I will remember and be honored to tell to the masses.
The issue downtown is that everyone thinks you share a pocket with them and temptations of placing or removing a coin from it can’t be ruled out, I am specially amazed at the techniques they employ. That is another story for another day, like I said earlier, I will be honored to tell. My thoughts deceive me a couple of times, they have foretold to me and foretold wrongly, not once, not twice. I still hold up hope that one day they will have the rightful prophecy. I have always thought of Engineering as a design adventure where you have to make peace with yourself, concentrate and come up with yet a contending 8th world wonder. My patience is wearing thin at the juncture I put this in blue and black, a chill runs down my spine, the work an engineering trainee executes, the condition as well as the laughter and insults he is going to have to bear. There is literally no difference between one and a mere operative. I need someone to let me know that life is like this. I will find it in my my heart to console myself.
The clock ticks away, the wind sways the beautiful tree branches east to west, dust invades your your ‘precious’ eyes but a five minute concrete interaction on site feels like an hour down, alas, the supervisor notifies you on how it is only the beginning. In a place so strange to you, with colleagues so insultive, and far from nice, I have never felt this far from home, I can assure you, I have never been this belittled, trampled on and cast to waste before. Curiosity killed a cat, they say, I overheard a friend say more is yet to come. Let me brace myself as I await even worse.
Internship given birth to another side of myself, taught me how to dislike places, how to rebuke that that I shouldn’t, but most importantly it has showed me a different view of life. It has taught me ways of men thus far. In spite of all that I am facing and yet to face, I can only thank the opportunity of coming to this place in my life. I know something good is yet to be manifested in my life, I will lament but I will not be moved, just as I may cry but not give up a venture I have wanted so badly after all tough times never last, tough people do. My hope has been reinvigorated with a new flame…

Till Next blog,
Derrick Muheki

2 thoughts on “Days of lamentations…

  1. Erudite piece Eng’r Desmond! Change is inevitable in the pursuit of greatness. Relish the rest of your stint at the project. Please remind those cohorts to share pockets only with your consent. Three cheers for the adroit piece. GBU!!😊😊!!

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