Hey! It’s Monday! A little late but well  I’m so excited because I get to tell about my past two weeks. I actually didn’t get to do #BlogMondays last week only because it was Easter Monday and I had a small vacation of my own😊😊😊
So FUN! With my snapchat addiction running, one can only tell how much fun I had In the last two weeks. Let me start with meeting a brother to a friend of mine from Norway; I got to taste hot coffee mixed with gin to make a hot beverageπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ˜†πŸ˜† sooooo amazing!, some nice chocolate and very nice candy😊😊😊😊. Was great meeting him i guess! You definitely should taste all that.
Then came two friends birthday parties on two consecutive Fridays, I honestly was swamped all two weekends. But anyway that’s not the blog post yet, this is;

How to go through hardships
University results for last semester came out a few weeks ago and frankly It’s always scary to check what one attained in results. Almost everyone has that thought of ‘what if I failed?’ 😨😱. So anyway, a friend of mine checked out their* results and they* weren’t good. They* got to share with me about how they* performed. Honestly I got scared for a moment. Like I couldn’t even think of myself in that situation. I would die, I think. I almost had no advice to my friend. I was like😟😟. I didn’t even know the academic rules and disciplines of my university and how they would deal with those results so I had to help them* find out. It was just so sad after a lot of hard work from the previous semester. Then my experience from last semester,  even though much less sad, came up. I actually blogged about my results last semester( if you haven’t read the post, you can check it out still on this blog). I actually remembered how my mum texted me and turned my sad feeling to a smile.
Part of the sad feeling my friend was feeling about the results was explaining to parents why the results are that way. But thankfully after they* explained to them, my friend also got encouraged by the parents. And here comes my lesson : when you are going through some hardships, share with your parents or guardians or someone who has greater experience in life. Don’t die with sadness in silence. Also keep positive in your life, even in bad times.

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