My new year’s resolution


We all know how the start of a New Year 🎆 🎆 gets us excited about what things we need to do and achieve in the next year. The New Year always comes with a promise for a FRESH start in our lives. However, by February 1st we have already forgotten all those resolutions we had set for the New Year.
For me, this New Year is going to be AMAZING!!!! I have it all planned out. It’s going to be LEGENDARY 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Hahaha. Lol. Who am I kidding?!. I actually have nothing planned forΒ  2016.

Due to the past resolution dropping, I have decided to have one and only one resolution in the year 2016. I am also suggesting that you take ON too.
And here it goes,

To be the BEST that I can be at all times & all instances.

I mean it’s sounds lazy😆😆 but it definitely SOLVES everything. I won’t be pressurerized the whole January to change a huge 🐛 part of my life. You should definitely try it out.

Well this is the LAST blog post this year, I am currently busy with shifting from our old house to our new house 🏡 before the end of the YEAR. It’s been a great year on this blog with over 1000views:):):):):):) from around the WORLD. I want to thank you 👏my blog readers, my friends and all the new people I met last semester that just made me happier with their playful sides. Next year is going to be better on this blog, going to start some Vlogs too:).

Derrick Muheki.


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One thought on “My new year’s resolution

  1. Come to think of it …but it’s just human nature ..u know ..u always need that bit of news resolution just to feel a lil bit focused about life me.I can’t recall fulfilling any..but I’ll think of some for the very last time ..I just might fulfill ’em…happy new year though. .

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