Recess term at the University


Hey there👋👋, you must be wondering why we (in the picture) are looking so… well we can’t be blamed. It’s the recess term at my university and I am studying one of those courses where you have to stay on campus even when the last semester of the first year is done #engineering. Turns out we get to spend the whole summer on an empty campus. But I have to say we are rocking those overalls 😂😂😂


Although I don’t agree with the way we dress there, I have to say we are learning practical things applicable to the course. I feel like for the first time, since we started studying, I am studying things that aren’t to be crammed just for the sake of exams. It’s an exhilarating feeling 😋😋:).

My day begins with waking up very very early to avoid the traffic jam on these roads on my way to campus. Did I mention am commuting this summer😎, I had to spend time with my family. Anyway back to my day, then I head to class. For now we are still doing the introduction but I’ll let you see the pics of the pracs when we are done😋😋😋 . You have been a great reader…hihihi….see you in the next blog;););)


Isaac, Chris and I trying out a real local overall pose👆👆..

Till next blog,
Derrick Muheki. As always

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