All About Last Semester


Hey there👋👋, I cannot explain how excited I am to tell you all about last semester. It was bloody. So many things happened that I didn’t get time to blog about, due to tight schedules, but now am on vacation. I have a recess term this summer but I’ll save it’s stories for the next blog.


So many parties, tests, and oh! Wait! Pregnant babes. Not saying that it’s bad to get pregnant, it’s actually a blessing, but it’s just not the right time for this to happen. It’s become so common that whoever was pregnant had been trending in everyone’s talk😒😒, not a shock, is it?. As If that’s not weird enough then came the guy who claims to have slept with 712 girls from my university giving them AIDS…and he has their nudes.


Eh!!! But seriously 😯😯 am worried. What’s going on?…Story got me more than shocked! And here is the most interesting part. That’s not the worst story…A guy is involved in the mob killing of someone on campus and goes to Facebook to post how he is feeling thankful and hence gets arrested.


😨😨😨!!!!! But now….has it come to this
….I feel like if I unleash more stories about my university I will be tarnishing it’s name. But we all know that even in the best of places, weird things happen behind the walls. That’s why I’m going to keep telling you the stories one at a time..For more stories check my archives.
Then three weeks back exams began and made us all quiet and distant and they were long. I had to read a lot. Am quite the read-aholic.
Anyway, beneath all those very scenes, what a great semester it was! One of my friends even told me how, when she was leaving for home, she felt like she was being evicted from the Big Brother house😆😆😆.
Having nice friends will always be my greatest asset I think. They always made me laugh, even when exams became hard😂😂😂. Always treasure your friends.




It had a sad ending though. I got shocked when I found out that I was leaving the hostel for good, a decision made by my parents. I was so attached there. I will surely miss it but will always keep it in my heart.
BTW you can now sign up for email notifications from this blog by scrolling down and clicking on the FOLLOW button. And now that I am in the recess term, I will surely keep you updated.

Till next blog,
Derrick Muheki.

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2 thoughts on “All About Last Semester

  1. Hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ stop lying to yourself mbu you’re a “read-aholic” the word you’re mumbling is “MOBI STUDENT” 😜
    Enjoy your holidays(r​​ecess) πŸ˜‰

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