University DrinkUps: pros And cons

Hey there 👋👋,
Hope you are doing Well. In this short blog, I Am going to tell you all about the so-called DrinkUps at the University. Contrary to the previous blog that was about University birthday day parties 🎉🎉, DrinkUps are now a different kind of party, with way more excess liquor 🍻. In this week, I had to attend two of these but I only made to one. However I will tell you about what happened at both which was quite similar. At the one I didn’t attend, a friend of mine took way told much And embarrassed himself. Ehh….it was extreme vomiting And blacking out. This one of the cons of being at these sorts of parties. With everyone drinking, even one who may not be good at drinking may take excess. I have a pictureΒ  for you below but I blurred to hide the identity 👌;) he had a total blackout.


It was extremely embarrassing Btw. He said things he wished he had never said, And did things he had never done. He slept in a corridor Btw. A SIMILAR thing happened at the SECOND drinkUp,the one I attended .Some one seriously blackedout Though he didn’t do worse staff . I seriously don’t get why anyone would take so much to drink.:evil::evil:.
Though there are prons to attending these parties like meeting new people And re-meeting old friends. They could be connections in the future 👌. Otherwise if you cannot control yourself at thesaurus parties, I ADVISE you NOT to attend. If you haven’t attended one of these Though, you should try time attend already one.;);)

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Derrick Muheki.

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