University Elections

Hey there👋👋, hope you doing well! Thank you for keeping up with this blog. I personally want to thank all people who checked this blog last week👍. It was so great, we got views from all over the world;  USA, Canada, UK and Uganda. You can check my instagram for the views on the first blog day:):). And the second day was even better. It got me really excited to even blog again so soon.
To the main topic in hand, my universities guild president elections. It’s been about 3 weeks of posters littering the campus and loud sound📣 coming from the parades and bands of the contestants of the post of guild president. Do not get me wrong, I am actually in love with campaigning👊 and politics. The competition can actually be sensed amongst the contestants. For instance, I have two colleagues in my class who are all standing for the same post in my college. Turns out they are all really friendly and are apparently all counting on my vote.. But anyway back to the guild campains, I even have pictures of last night’s campaign from my bedroom’s french window below;




Did I mention, yesterday was their last day to campaign? It was a very long night for supporters. The streets of wandegeya were filled with supporters. Cars🚗🚌 stopped moving. It was hillarious. To some extent, I think this universities’ elections have more tension than the nation’s. I was even told about how interesting the open campains, at the freedom square of the university were. I missed them due to some revision I heard. As you read in my first blog, I am now turning into a read-aholic.👓
Anyway the elections were held today. For purposes of confidentiality I wont mention who I voted . They just had to cone to end. The election results will probably be out tonight. Wishing good luck to my ‘vote’😋.
Was great blogging again. See you soon.

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Derrick Muheki.


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2 thoughts on “University Elections

  1. Great account, thanks for the post boss!! Please continue keeping us posted!! Break a leg -many blessings!!😊😊


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